Friday September 04 , 2015
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About Us

Aerodynos de Colombia S.A. is headquartered outside of the city of Cali in Colombia, South America. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of certified ULM ultralight aircraft.  Captain Diego Torres founded the company in 2003, and from the start, he and his employees were committed to the idea that  JA177   would be the leader in revitalizing the ultralight aviation market by creating high-quality, innovatively designed aircraft for all levels of pilots.

As an experienced pilot himself, Captain Diego Torres understood the needs of pilots and began reserching new technology, materials, design and safety options. He challenged conventional engineering standards and procedures in aircraft design and began to research ways to build better, safer ultralight airplanes.  He has also collaborated with other aircraft designers and engineers at leading universities.  Most recently Aerodynos has completed a customized design for an airframe parachute system with the leader in that industry, BRS Technologies.

In 2007, Aerodynos de Colombia S.A.  introduced its second generation of ULM ultralight aircraft the JA177 Evolution II ™. The new JA177 Evolution II ™  is a continuing “evolution” to refine the aircraft structure and systems, and reduce unnecessary weight using the most advanced materials and engineering methods available. Without adding to the aircraft`s weight, the JA177 Evolution II ™ has reduced  stall speed, increased cruise speed, added new equipment options, increased payload, incorporated the latest avionics technology, and improved safety features and overall aircraft usefulness.

Having received numerous accolades and awards for its innovations and contributions to the advancement of the ULM ultralight aviation industry, the JA177 Evolution II ™ is a global leader with more than fifty  JA177 aircraft  flying throughout the world, and sales and service and representatives in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, and South Africa.


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